After School Program

TThe Centre opens at 2:30pm and equipment is set out and afternoon tea prepared. Kindergarten children are collected from their classrooms, with children from older years arriving at 3:05pm.

All learning spaces and activities as outlined in the PROGRAM OVERVIEW are available to the children.

After School Timeline


Centre opens and staff arrive.

  • Educators prepare afternoon tea, set up outdoor boundaries, programmed activities and child suggested activities.
  • Phone message check, emails and other admin duties completed by coordinator & educators.
  • Afternoon tea area set up.
3:05pm — 3:20pm

Educators take the Kindergarten list from the roll and collect Kindergarten children from designated pick-up area. Kindergarten children signed in on the roll.

Children from Year 1 – Year 6 walk over to the MAC from their classrooms.

Children place their bags in their designated bag area. [K–2 place bags in cubes closest to MAC entry. 3–6 place bags in cubes along the corridor closest to classrooms]

Children line up to have their names signed off the roll; they wash their hands or use spray hand sanitiser ready for afternoon tea or choice of activities.

Group time: Children separate into three groups: K–1, 2–3, 4–6. In this time, children will be informed and reminded of emergency drills, events happening at MAC and other items as they arise. This will be in place when required and children will be reminded by coordinator/educators when this is happening.

3:05pm — 3:30pm

Afternoon is available for children.

If there is group time on a particular day, this time will be extended for children to enjoy their afternoon tea.

  • Water is available to all children throughout the entire duration of our session.
  • Fruit and Vegetables are on offer every afternoon.
  • The afternoon tea snack varies each day and is either suggested by the MAC children or planned by the MAC coordinator/educators.
  • Children have large recycled mats to sit on and enjoy their afternoon tea with their peers.
3:05pm — 5:30pm

Children have a choice of:

  • Programmed art and craft and sport activities.
  • Suggested programmed activities from children.
  • Spontaneous play activities.

Special events such as incursions are also planned in our program.


Children get ready for 5:30 time by actively packing away their activities, equipment and other items they used during the session.

5:30 time consists of:

  • Large or small group games.
  • These games are suggested by children or educators.
  • They can be initiated and run by the children or educators.

Children who do not wish to participate in 5:30 time are able to work on their own activity.

5:30pm — 6:00pm

The educators who are not involved with 5:30 time will be packing away and cleaning the centre preparing it for the following day.

Admin duties are completed by coordinator and educators complete their admin tasks.


The centre is closed. Rooms and hallway area alarmed and outside gate locked.