Before School Program

The Centre opens at 7:00am, with children arriving from 7:00am through to 8:35am. On arrival, children are signed in by their parents/caregivers at the sign in area located to the left of the green door in the MAC. Children and parents/caregivers are welcomed by the staff.

Before School Care Timeline

7:00am Centre opens.
7:00am — 8:00am
  • Breakfast available to children
  • Water available for children throughout the entire session
7:00am — 8:30am
  • Free choice of activities
  • Programmed activities such as craft and sporting activities
  • Children's suggested programmed activities
7:20am — 8:30am
  • Outside play — staff establish boundaries each day and the children play programmed or spontaneous activities in those areas
  • Pack up time — children are actively involved in packing up their games and helping others tidy the MAC room

First bell rings –

  • Children have small group time
  • Children come together on the floor for roll call where children are signed out of Marton Activity centre by a staff member
  • Children have the option of going outside into the school playground to play
  • Children also have the option to partake in quiet activities for a small amount of time.
9:00am Centre closed, roll signed.